Big Scary Tree Recording Studio began as a small 16-track demo room inside Yo Rehearsal studios in North Hollywood in the mid to late 1980s. Then called “Yo Demo,” Jeb made countless demos for many artists of which several were commercially released. Quickly outgrowing the space, Jeb Partnered with Jhon Williams (no relation to the composer) who had the leasehold on the 808 East 3rd Street location in the heart of the artist loft district. Within a year Jeb bought out Jhon and took over the lease and the 1st real version of Big Scary Tree was launched.

At the downtown location for the better part of two decades, Jeb worked with countless artists and producers and many great records were made during this time. The “modern ghetto” industrial vibe was a big hit among artists and the studio gained a reputation as the go to affordable analog studio with a big tracking room. All good things come to an end when you don’t own the building and almost over night a perfect storm of gentrification pushed Big Scary Tree out of the artist loft district. All this was for the better, as the last two years doing business became such a parking nightmare for so many artists it was certainly time to find a new home. The studio was homeless with all the gear stored at downtown rehearsal for almost an entire year.

Finally after searching and searching the Sunland location was purchased and the newest and best Big Scary Tree was built! Throwing caution to the wind, in an effort to finally have a perfect room, no expense was spared in the build out. The building was gutted and the studio was built from the ground up to be a perfectly tuned tracking and control room.

During this time, Peter Frampton’s old console was purchased as well as the vintage C12 and the entire microphone locker from Pinnacle College where Jeb was employed as a staff instructor, which included the sought after partner silver 414EB for the one already owned and the awesome sounding vintage U47 FETi. The guitar and amp collection has continued to grow and we’re certain if you look over the complete gear list and check around and compare to other studios, you’ll soon realize what many have known for years, if you need to track a real band where talented humans play instruments in an awesome sounding room on great gear for an affordable rate, the all new Big Scary Tree is absolutely impossible to beat!