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Control room

Amek Angela (blue) 28 input
Sony/MCI JH-24 2″ 24trk recorder
Fostex E-16 1/2″ 16 track recorder
Avid 24 I/O protoolsHD
Hearback 8 cue system
JBL 4411
Yamaha P2200 amplifiers


63 Stratocaster hard tail, Olympic white
66 Stratocaster sunburst
66 Telecaster creme maple cap neck (very light)
72 Telecaster (re-fin) creme
56 Les Paul Special restored original TV yellow
55 Les Paul JR single cut
69/70 Les Paul Gold top Deluxe
73 Les Paul Standard/deluxe conversion
65/66 ES-330 cherry red
66 Gretsch Country Gentleman
61 Gretsch 6186 clippeer
62 Gibson J-45 cherry burst
59 Martin D-18
73 Gibson J-200
70’s Classical GTR
1890’s Washburn parlor GTR
2001 Modern extra fancy parlor gtr high strung Nashville tuning
50’s Harmony Rocket
1956 Gretsch Jet Firebird added bigsby original p/us
1966 Gibson ES335
1958 Gretsch 6119 w/ 1 PAF filtertron
Maple neck P bass (round wounds)
1946 Gibson LG-1
1971 Les Paul Gold Top 54 re-issue rev-6
1967 Martin D-18
1962 Gibson Les Paul/SG JR
1953 Les Paul Gold Top — 57 Conversion (PAF’S)
1929 Dobro model 65


AKG C-12
AKG C414EB (silver w/KC12 capsule) X2
AKG 451E w/ 10DB pads X2
AKG D12 x2
AKG D112 X2
Altec 175 tube microphone with 29A capsules X2
Beyer Dyn M500 ribbon X2
ElectroVoice RE20
Neumann KM84 X2
Neumann U47 Feti (vinatge 70s)
NOS active ribbon X2
Rode Calssic (original classic tube mic 6072) X2
Royer 121 X2
Sennheiser 421 X5
Senheiser  409
Sennheiser MD 908
Schoeps CMC6U/MK4 (matched pair)
Shure SM81 X2
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 X11
Shure Beta 52
Shure Bullet
Shure SM58 X9
Shure SM315 Bi ribbon
Shure SM33 hyper-C ribbon


ADL 1000
1 Altec 1567
AML ezP1A program EQ w/NOS RCA tubes
6 API clone mic pre’s
2 API 550A EQs
2 1073 clone mic pre’s
4 Cal-Rec 1061 pic pre’s
DBX 165
DBX 162
2 DBX 903’s
2 DBX 902’s
1 Drawmer DL241
2 Drawmer DS201
Gates Sta-Level (vintage)
2 Langevin EQ 251a
12 Langeven AM16 mic pre’s
4 Quad 8 EQs
2 RCA BA45/BA43
Summit TLA100 Limiter
UA 2-1176
2 Valley gain brain 2


Early 60’s Vox AC/30 (copper top)
59 Fender Bassman all orig!
Mid 60’s black face Fender Bassman Piggy Back
58 Tweed Champ
53 Tweed Deluxe
69 silver face deluxe reverb
1968 drip edge Bandmaster Piggy Back
1960 Chocolate Brn Concert 4×10
Chocolate Brn. Princeton
68 drip edge Fender Champ
Early 60’s Ampeg B-15 Portaflex
1969 Marshall JMP Lay down trans.
Early Boogie Dual Rectifier
56 4×10 tweed Fender Bassman
1964 Tremolux top and bottom.
1969 Marshall Slant 4×12 100 w Cab.
1970 Marshall straight 4×12 25w Cab.
Epiphone Challenger
silver tone 6 watt amp.
2009 Carr Mercury
1960’s Silvertone twin 12
80s Roland JC120

Outboard (time based)

Lexicon Delta T
Lexicon 200
Eventide H300HD
Yamaha Rev 7
2 Yamaha SPX 90
Roland SRV330
Roland SDE100
Advanced audio designs D-250
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon PCM 42
Lexicon PCM 80
MXR Flanger Doubler
Delta Lab super time line 2048